What We Do With News

The Hawk’s Eye News was created and established by John D. Ferrara. He created Hawk’s Eye News to solve a problem he experienced with the government.

John has decades of experience in oversight functions for the government, so when John went to the government over procedural issues, the government failed to act, creating John’s vision for transparency and efficient government for all citizens.

The goal of The Hawk’s Eye News is to give the people an avenue for an impartial review of government transactions that affect them. They can have the confidence that a proper review will be conducted and analysis to determine root cause failures. Such failures will be reported and routed to the appropriate government agency for resolution. The Hawk’s Eye News will track and report the outcomes. This gives a third party, impartial view of the internal workings of the government.

Another component of The Hawk’s Eye News is to work with the government to solve its problems that it may not be aware of, for various reasons. This allows The Hawk’s Eye News to be a source of information for governments in need or interested in improved oversight.

Any citizen can report their concerns to The Hawk’s Eye News for review. The scope of review is only for anything government related. There must be some form of nexus to the government to be considered for review.

“The Hawk’s Eye”

Should you read the term “we,” or “The Hawk’s Eye,” it is the same as referencing John D Ferrara. This website is maintained and published by John D Ferrara.

Of special note, we are NOT – IN ANY FORM – a private investigation company. We WILL NOT accept anything of value to conduct investigations on behalf of anyone. Our scope is ONLY the government. We WILL NOT look into any private matters. Any contracts which may exist or be created are solely for the scope of the contract and may include consultive, training and development, project management, or compliance services.