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TCOLE is Working on an Open Records Request for Dallas Love Field – UPDATE ACADEMY APPROVED AUGUST 3, 1983

UPDATE, on November 17, 2020, we were provided confirmation from TCOLE that Dallas Security Force was an approved school, as of August 3, 1983. There are many who attended before its approval. The story still has valid components. It is upon the government to provide truthful information within Open Records requests.

It appears that a few or more peace officers may have used a security training through Dallas Security Force to obtain Peace Officer certification, while employed with Dallas Love Field.

TCOLE has already confirmed that Dallas Security Force was never a school used for peace officer certification.

The TCOLE Enforcement Unit did not review the legitimacy of the school when a complaint was received by their office.

A complaint was sent to TCOLE on the lack of proper Enforcement Unit review.

Now The Hawk’s Eye has to do a review that should of already been done by the TCOLE Enforcement Unit.

This is as simple as going to where a educational transcript should be, and obtaining it, but if these officers have no school to go to, to obtain a transcript, are they properly certified peace officers? Isn’t that concerning?