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TCOLE Refuses to Take Licensing Actions on Certain People – Endangering the Public?

We have submitted more than a few complaints to the Enforcement Unit of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), and they have failed to review the files properly. This matter seems to cause harm to the Texans, by officers improperly licensed by the commission. Specifically, we have […]

Records Retention Requirements are Laws

There has been some talk about records not being provided or not having records available. The facts are very simple. The LAW requires retention of records for specific periods of time. When someone says someone was working somewhere, but there is no proof and State Commissions say otherwise, […]

Request for Legal Opinion on Justice of Peace Authority, Submitted to Hays County District Attorney

We have drafted a request for legal opinion to address the scope of Justice of the Peace magistrate matters. We are unable to request an opinion of the Attorney General, directly; and must request an “authorized requester,” to consider submission. The District Attorney of Hays County is classified […]

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