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TCOLE Has Failed to Take Licensing Actions on Multiple Peace Officers

We have been provided more confirmation to a previous story on individuals which went through a “basic peace officer course,” during and after September 1983. Yes, 1983 seems like a very long time ago, but in terms of a law enforcement career for many, it is still ongoing. […]

A Lawsuit Against Two Police Chiefs (Veterans Affairs and City of Kyle) Has New Movement

Well, the United States District Court, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division has proceeded with Ferrara v. Wallace, et al (5:20-cv-01128) The most recent component was an order by the Honorable United States Magistrate Judge Richard B. Farrer. He ordered the plaintiff to provide a “more definite […]

Custodial Death Report – Rockwall Police Department

Copied directly from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Custodial Death Report “On 10-30-20 at approximately 11:13pm, decedent Jose Ricardo Alonso, W/M, 03/18/2999 assaulted another member of his household at 489 Tubbs Rd, Rockwall, Tx 75032. Alonso fired a single round from a handgun striking the household member in […]

Those Attending Dallas Security Force After August, 1983 May Not of Taken Licensing Exams to be Peace Officers

In an interesting development through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) request to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), it appears some people may not have taken the state licensing exam to be granted permanent licenses as Peace Officer. The three people we requesting information on are […]

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