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Court Tosses Attorney General’s Frivolous Suit on San Antonio Police Chief

Originally filed on January 15, 2021, the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, attempted to remove San Antonio Police Chief William McManus from his public office for suspected violations of Senate Bill 4 (an immigration law passed to assist in coordinating matters important to the Federal Government and related […]

The 3rd Court of Appeals Requests Lower Court’s Decision on Pre-Indictment Habeas Corpus Application and Motion to Dismiss

On or about June 14, 2021, a petitioner for pre-indictment habeas corpus relief was requested to fill out new bond paperwork without an order. This occurred in the Hays County Court at Law where the Honorable Judge Linda Rodriguez presided in a hearing to remove a bail bond […]

Lawsuit Claims Kyle City Manager has No Choice but to take Action on Employees

In a recent filing, released today, the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the City Manager rebutted the stance of the City Manager on all accounts. The initial answer to this lawsuit, by the City Manger, claimed the Court did not have jurisdiction to order the City Manager to […]

Kyle City Manager Responds to Lawsuit

On November 10, 2021, with the deadline to file a response to the Petition of Mandamus filed and served on him, J. Scott Sellers, the City Manager of the City of Kyle, files a response. The response was by Audrey ‘Audi’ Elizabeth Guthrie, a May 2012 graduate from […]

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