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Attorney General Confirm Kyle Police Chief Used Pseudonym

The Attorney General’s Office recently required the City of Kyle to disclose when a pseudonym was used by its police chief. The AG’s Office ruled the City of Kyle must disclose the specific point in time (date) the pseudonym was used to investigate someone. Specifically, a case was […]

Hays County Judge, Grants Pro Se Waiver Setting Changed to Announcement in False Police Chief Complaint

The Honorable Judge Keasler signed the Waiver of Arraignment the Pro Se submitted to the Court to waive the reading of the arraignment on a case the Pro Se has yet to see a magistrate. This is a very important legal step. Now the arraignment has been waived […]

Pre-Trial Habeas Corpus Brief on a False Case by the Kyle Police Chief has been Filed

The appellant in a pre-trial Habeas Corpus proceeding has filed his brief. The brief focuses on the same constitutional issues filed in Ferrara v. Barnett, et al, which is still pending in the US District Court, Western District of Texas. It also focuses on three key points: No […]

Court of Appeals Seeks Appellants Pre-Trial Brief in Kyle Police Chiefs Falsified Case Filed by His Own Officers

Two Habeas Corpus Hearings were conducted in Hays County before a Notice of Appeal was sent to the Texas Court of Appeals for the Third District. The matter stems from Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett using his own officers to orchestrate a case against a citizen that wanted […]

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