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Did you know Convicted Cameron County DA Villalobos Had Security Business with Prior City of Kyle Councilman Villalobos?

On May 6, 1992, Armando Villalobos who was the prior District Attorney in Cameron County until he was convicted of racketeering activities and prior City of Kyle Councilman Alexander Villalobos founded an incorporation called Intrepid Intel Research. Prior to Alex Villalobos being elected to represent the City of […]

Two Areas of Texas Connected by One Police Chief (Cameron County & Hays County)

Recently, a citizen filed two Petitions for Mandamus Relief in two separate District Courts. The first, was filed in the Cameron County District Court and provides for a clear connection to the second filing in the Hays County District Court. The first mandamus alleges members of the City […]

The City of Harlingen Fires its Retired Police Commander from his Airport Police Chief Job

First reported by the Valley Morning Star, Valley International Airport (VIA) Police Chief John David Osborne was fired from his job as the top official of a small, nine member, department under the control of the City of Harlingen. In the Valley Morning Star’s publishing the following is […]

Default Judgement Motion Filed in Lawsuit Involving the City Manager of Harlingen

On November 3, 2021, a motion for a hearing to confirm a default judgement on the City Manager Gabriel Gonzalez was filed in the 404th District Court of Cameron County. The motion comes as Mr. Gonzalez has not answered the lawsuit served on him through the service provided […]

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