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Kyle City Manager Served Lawsuit Related to His Duty to Citizens

On September 29, 2021, a lawsuit was filed in Hays County District Court on the City of Kyle’s City Manager, J. Scott Sellers. The lawsuit goes into concerns that Mr. Sellers has not performed his duty in accordance with City Ordinance, Policies, Procedures, and Laws. Specifically, the concern […]

Cameron County Civil Division may be Appealing a 13th Court Ruling on Courthouse Security

On October 13, 2021, Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza boosted on official social media platform that he won a denial of a writ of mandamus on the lawsuit where he is named as a defendant, surrounding Courthouse Security. He used official correspondence to display this “win,” for his […]

City of Harlingen Served Lawsuit Related to Failing Lawful Duty

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Office served a citation on Interim City Manager Gabriel Gonzalez for failing to perform a ministerial duty, as required by law. The issue is the lawful requirement the government must perform. In this case, the petitioner has been stalked for years by someone claiming […]

City of Harlingen has a New Lawsuit Filed on Them for Failure to Perform Duties

On October 1, 2021, the 404th District Court received a lawsuit filed on the City Manager of the City of Harlingen. The lawsuit is requesting the Presiding Judge to issue an order to the City of Harlingen to perform its lawfully required duties under the Texas Statue, and […]

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