Hays County Pro Tem Served Motion for Contempt of Court

Afton Washbourne, a Travis County Attorney whom was assigned a case out of Hays County by a recusal order of a District Court Judge is now in a situation where she needs to explain her actions and decisions surrounding the order she received or be held in contempt […]

Hays County Criminal District Attorney‘s Office Confirms a Few of a Hays County Police Chief’s Improprieties

On December 10, 2021, the Hays County Government through the Hays County Office of General Counsel released a confirmation that neither Kyle Police Chief Jeffrey Blake Barnett, or his officers, provided a document to the Hays County Criminal District Attorney ‘s Office to have his name protected from […]

Did you know Convicted Cameron County DA Villalobos Had Security Business with Prior City of Kyle Councilman Villalobos?

On May 6, 1992, Armando Villalobos who was the prior District Attorney in Cameron County until he was convicted of racketeering activities and prior City of Kyle Councilman Alexander Villalobos founded an incorporation called Intrepid Intel Research. Prior to Alex Villalobos being elected to represent the City of […]

Court Tosses Attorney General’s Frivolous Suit on San Antonio Police Chief

Originally filed on January 15, 2021, the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, attempted to remove San Antonio Police Chief William McManus from his public office for suspected violations of Senate Bill 4 (an immigration law passed to assist in coordinating matters important to the Federal Government and related […]

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