Hays Pro Tem has a Deadline to Respond to Motion for Contempt of Court

Afton Washbourne, a Hays County Pro Tem employed by the Travis County Attorney’s Office was served a Motion for Contempt of Court. The initial service was sent on December 20, 2021. She received the service on or about December 27, 2021. One typically has twenty days to reply […]

Hays County Court at Law Clerk Lacks Candor

We all may remember when prior Hays County Court at Law #3 Judge Millie Thompson had issues with employees within the Hays County Court at Law. Many may have articulated her actions as bizarre, but those speculating may have been unknowing to what was really brewing in the […]

Hays County Pro Tem Formally Served Show Cause Notice in Suspected Contempt of Court Cause

Afton Washbourne, the assigned prosecutor for the State of Texas, by way of recusal ordered by Judge Steel of the Hays County District Courts, was formally serviced process for a motion for contempt of court related to said order. The Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office was initially […]

Hays County Pro Tem Close to Receiving a Notice to Show Cause on a Suspected Contempt of Court Matter

Afron Washbourne, an Assistant Travis County Attorney, may be receiving a “show cause notice,” in the near future; as it relates to allegations she has violated an order of a District Court Judge in Hays County. Through numerous open records requests, so the public can be made aware, […]

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