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City of Harlingen has a New Lawsuit Filed on Them for Failure to Perform Duties

On October 1, 2021, the 404th District Court received a lawsuit filed on the City Manager of the City of Harlingen. The lawsuit is requesting the Presiding Judge to issue an order to the City of Harlingen to perform its lawfully required duties under the Texas Statue, and Municipal Ordinance.

A citizen has been having a lot of problems with how the Harlingen Police Department has been responding to concerns. This has been published before, and it relates to an intertwined matter where the Harlingen Police Department has failed to take a report from a citizen about conduct which could be considered stalking, or circulating false information which may cause concern to the public.

On or about October 9, 2018. The Harlingen Police Department posted a story online which “tagged,” a person claiming to be with the Harlingen Police Department. The person became a familiar face to one citizen who can talk about accounts of being followed around and stalked by this individual. Since October 8, 2018. The Harlingen Police Department and the complete City of Harlingen (up and through the Legislative Body) has been contacted about the matter and no action has occurred.

The matter stemming from this citizens time working out at a Gold’s Gym in Harlingen, Texas continues to interfere with his daily life. He worked out in Gold’s Gym in Harlingen between 2012 and 2015, but the stalking conduct has continued to present day.

On or about the month of June 2019, the citizen was released from employment from Gold’s Gym in San Antonio. Prior to being released, the citizen made a complaint and was separated for his complaint on stemming conduct he experienced at Gold’ Gym in Harlingen, surrounding his military service connections.

However, it was learned at a later time the General Counsel for the Gold’s Gym that released the citizen was also a Defense Attorney for a Police Chief in Kyle, Texas when he was being sued for Civil Rights issues, which occurred during his time as the Police Chief for Princeton, Texas. During this Police Chief’s tenure in Princeton, Texas, he relocated across the street from the citizen that filed the lawsuit on the City of Harlingen. It seems everything may be connected and there is more going on than some may want to allow exposure too.

So now, we will see that the 404th District Court in Cameron County will do with Cause 2021-DCL- 05792. Actions towards the citizen have continued to harm the citizen today and the City of Harlingen has yet to complete its legally required duty, under the law.