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Who are the Republican Candidates Running for Hays County Commissioner for Precinct 2 (2023)?

There are two candidates running in the Republican Primary Election for Hays County Commissioner, Precinct 2. The winner will move on to the General Election and complete against the Democratic Primary Election winner. Mike Gonzalez Andy Hentschke Facebook Page: Please be sure to learn about the candidates. […]

Who are the Democrats Running for Hays County Commissioner in Precinct 2 (2023)?

The position for Hays County Commissioner in Precinct 2 has three candidates for the Democratic Party running in the primary election. The winner of this primary will head to the general election to compete against the Republican challenger. Richard “Pepe” Cronshey Facebook Page: Campaign Page: Linda […]

Who is Running for Hays County Clerk in the 2023 Election?

There are three candidates running for the Hays County Clerk’s Office. One of which is the incumbent Elaine Cardenas. She will face a challenger in the primary. The Challenger is Edna R. Peterson. Both candidates are running as Democrats. The winner of the primary will move on to […]

City Manager is Suspected of Violating City of Harlingen Ordinance

On or about October 21, 2021, a lawsuit was filed on City Manager Gabriel Gonzalez for actions that, are claimed, to exceed his legal authority. On or about November 18, 2021, after the deadline to respond, the Interim City Attorney Mark Sossi submitted a reply to the lawsuit […]

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