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14 Months Later and No Charges on a Hays County Police Chief’s False Claims

Hays County Court at Law 3 held a Habeas Corpus Hearing today for an individual arrested by a Justice of the Peace warrant. The Hays County Justice of Peace, Beth Smith, from Precinct 2 issued an arrest warrant on behalf of pseudonym John Smith (a.k.a. Jeffrey Blake Barnett, […]

Hays County Court Administrator Made an Improper Judicial Decision

Near the end of May 2020, an arrest warrant was executed for “stalking,” Jeffrey Blake Barnett, or Jeff Barnett, the Police Chief of the Kyle Police Department. The arrest warrant was issued by Justice of the Peace Beth Smith. The initial police report was made on or about […]

Hays County Judge Ruben Beccera Bond May Not Be Properly Posted

On January 8, 2019, Judge Becerra was present in a Hays County Commissioners Court Session. During the session there was no motion made to approve the bond for Beccera. There was no second or vote to approve the motion to accept his bond for office of County Judge: […]

Prior Harlingen Area and Current San Antonio Area Police Chief yet to Waive Service on Civil Rights Lawsuit

On May 5, 2021, all other parties to Ferrara v Wallace have waived service to the lawsuit filed based upon Terry Jay Wallace Seniors false report. The only waiver remaining it Terry Wallace’s. Terry who goes by Jay Wallace, or TJ Wallace has yet to formally acknowledge the […]

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