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City Manager is Suspected of Violating City of Harlingen Ordinance

On or about October 21, 2021, a lawsuit was filed on City Manager Gabriel Gonzalez for actions that, are claimed, to exceed his legal authority. On or about November 18, 2021, after the deadline to respond, the Interim City Attorney Mark Sossi submitted a reply to the lawsuit […]

Executive Director of TCOLE Being Sued for Allowing Improperly Certified Peace Officers to Police Texas

The Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement is being sued in Travis County District Court under Cause D-1-GN-22-000205, for allowing many people to police Texas without proper certification. The full lawsuit can be read HERE. The lawsuit alleges that many people who were appointed as […]

Hays County to Have Another Big Election Year

Hays County’s cycle of major change is upon us. The County has many position up for election. Many incumbents are attempting to remain in their elected roles, while a few have decided not to run for re-election. The Hays County Democratic Party has identified the following people for […]

3rd COA Denies Motion for Contempt of Court

Just received, the 3rd COA has denied a motion for contempt of court BEFORE the ten day waiting period it was supposed to wait before decision. AMaybe this means the Habeas application will be accepted in the near future. The complaint on the matter is still pending with […]

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