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SB 530- Update to the State of Texas Harassment Laws – Protects Free Speech

Senate Bill 530 was filed to curb certain types of online harassment. The law was amended to add a new element to the Texas Penal Code 42.07, Harassment. Under the proposed law, which has passed the House and Senate vote, it would make it illegal to “publish on […]

EDITORIAL: Saint Barnett and His Legion of Fools

The is a man as tall as Napoleon with the same kind of kinder spirit. He has worked his way through life by deception and a fake persona. He tries to cover up his past and has lied to obtain everything he has obtained in life. He has […]

Howard County Justice of the Peace Issues Warrant for Another Howard County Justice of the Peace

On February 5, 2021, a warrant was issued by a Justice of Peace in Howard County on Robert Fitzgibbons; who was (at the time) a Justice of the Peace. The warrant was for Stalking: The affidavit claims that Fitzgibbons continually engaged in conduct towards a Micheal Anderson that […]

OPINION: Sunset Advisory Commission Sends Recommendations for TCOLE to the 87th Legislature

The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission (SAC) has recently completed its analysis of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). It has made numerous recommendations to improve the oversight of the organization. Many recommendations are management actions. The summary is not pleasant for TCOLE. The SAC believes the regulation […]

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