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Hays County ‘Superstar’ Court Clerk has Motion for Contempt of Court Filed on Him

The ‘superstar’ employee of Hays County Court at Law, as described in a Hays Free Press publishing, has a motion for contempt of court filed on him for his less than stellar application of duty. The motion was filed with the 3rd Court of Appeals and due to […]

OPINION: There is ONLY One Way a False Case Filed by the Kyle Police Chief Can be PROPERLY Resolved

This all began when Jeffrey Blake Barnett, Jeff Barnett, JB Barnett, or what ever other name he wants to use, moved into Park Trails in Princeton, Texas. The move was unusual because he didn’t rent the model home he moved into. He seemed to have acquired it with […]

SB 530- Update to the State of Texas Harassment Laws – Protects Free Speech

Senate Bill 530 was filed to curb certain types of online harassment. The law was amended to add a new element to the Texas Penal Code 42.07, Harassment. Under the proposed law, which has passed the House and Senate vote, it would make it illegal to “publish on […]

EDITORIAL: Saint Barnett and His Legion of Fools

The is a man as tall as Napoleon with the same kind of kinder spirit. He has worked his way through life by deception and a fake persona. He tries to cover up his past and has lied to obtain everything he has obtained in life. He has […]

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