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EDITORIAL: Saint Barnett and His Legion of Fools

The is a man as tall as Napoleon with the same kind of kinder spirit. He has worked his way through life by deception and a fake persona. He tries to cover up his past and has lied to obtain everything he has obtained in life. He has […]

Hays County Court Administrator Made an Improper Judicial Decision

Near the end of May 2020, an arrest warrant was executed for “stalking,” Jeffrey Blake Barnett, or Jeff Barnett, the Police Chief of the Kyle Police Department. The arrest warrant was issued by Justice of the Peace Beth Smith. The initial police report was made on or about […]

Howard County Justice of the Peace Issues Warrant for Another Howard County Justice of the Peace

On February 5, 2021, a warrant was issued by a Justice of Peace in Howard County on Robert Fitzgibbons; who was (at the time) a Justice of the Peace. The warrant was for Stalking: The affidavit claims that Fitzgibbons continually engaged in conduct towards a Micheal Anderson that […]

TCOLE Confirms Many People Improperly Licensed to be Peace Officers, but Still Fails to Take Action

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) has confirmed time and time again, there are people holding Peace Officer licenses in Texas without properly approved training. They even released information on multiple occasions confirming this issue. However, rather than performing their legally obligated duty under Texas Occupational Code […]

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